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Referenced songs: Vestige, Jitter Doll, Terrorist, -ERROR, +REVERSE, Tremor, Prototype, Limiter, BC, HYBRID, WAVE, Taiyou, Lilily Nation, Lilyzm Gold, Chloe, Marie-Louise, Prison of Sky, Lily Lily Burning Night, Impulse X Pandemonics

- Despairs over the painful things of the world, but fights the feelings away with ideas of hope. Keeps a strong front and tries to fight for others to prevent them from feeling what she feels.
- To protect herself, she keeps a strong and rebellious persona and refuses to compromise in front of others. If she does, she feels she will break down.
- Sings to let out the emotions she normally bottles up, giving them cool heavy rock tunes to avoid looking sappy and weak.
- Likes it when people are attached to her strong mask. Too ashamed when people comment on her softer, darker emotional side.
- Pushes pain away by focusing on those dependent or attached to her
- Relies on others' support for true confidence
- Likes showing off
- Drags people away from boring things
- Works best with rock songs
- Focuses on the present. Likes to keep things in the modern period. Little interest in traditional songs and customs
- Feels awkward and insecure when trying to sing high pitched pop songs. Her voice strains at higher notes
- Finds herself broken as a vocaloid, so she really tries to overcompensate on some songs
- Has more confidence after V3
- Sings her feelings out alone or in underground rock concerts because of her insecurity after the bad reception of her voice on V2
- Lashes out and ragequits when uncomfortable
- Stubbornly goes all out on what she does until she burns out and breaks down
- Even if she reaches her limit and knows she will lose, she still goes on. Even in love, which can sometimes end bloody
- Instead of rushing and panicking in defeat, she tries to convey her feelings the best she can with the limited time; first coming into terms that it really is happening, then finally accepting it
- Fears being left behind; thinks she constantly has to keep up with the others
- Likes clubbing
- Has a bee mascot: Harii/Honey Lily
- Motorcycle is her vehicle of choice
- Has been a plane pilot,
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