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Referenced songs: Blessed Child, A Tale of Six Trillion Years and A Night, A Realistic Logical Ideologist, Delusion x Delusion Escapist Everyday, Revenge Syndrome, Transparent Answer, Weakling Hero, Headphone Actor, Imagination Forest, Bookmark of Demise Project, Diary of Evening Cicadas, Carla, Ref-Rain, En Priere, World Calling, Innovation, Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade, Restart

- "Open space on the planet" in Latin, "aria(type of song) of the planet" in Italian
- Others see her title as the Italian meaning, but it really was an inside joke of her being air-headed using the Latin meaning
- Her responses are often misinterpreted as otherworldly and mysterious, but she's just trying to not offend anyone
- Obliviously does things well and gives hope to others
- Understates her accomplishments
- Doesn't think much of time
- Will wait FOREVER without trying to remind the other person in case they forgot
- Takes forever to do something important or realize something too
- Indecisive of what to be, so ends up unresponsive
- Likes dreaming of what she failed to be or do
- Likes lazing around a lot
- Finishes things at the last second or ends up too late
- Oblivious to things beyond what she personally encounters
- Easygoing and isolated most of the time
- Finds herself different and detached from everything else that's normal
- Overly conscious of what others thinks of her, but keeps to herself
- Wishes she could get the courage to act more, regrets the repercussions of not doing anything
- When she does act out of rage, she eventually notices contradictions in her reasoning and regrets her actions
- Keeps questioning herself and established concepts
- Tends to hesitate even when she has the answer to a problem, questioning whether it really is right
- Tends to think of effects in a much wider, more general scale
- Doesn't think she can do anything significant enough to affect the future
- Believes her abilities and knowledge are insufficient
- Believes anything she does is worthless, that she is easily replaceable
- Being able to do something makes doing it unremarkable
- Everything that is great eventually becomes common
- Understands that her pessimistic way of thinking is foolish
- Believes she is dull, thinking that she has to overcompensate to be interesting
- Doesn't find herself strange; Thinks she is simple and easy to understand
- Gives up on being satisfied and just moves on with whatever she ends up doing
- Goes along with what people say
- Questions others' reasoning rather than forcing her own reasoning into them
- Hopes for a better future
- While she still aims for and relies on them, her faith on concepts like love and hope are frivolous
- Introvert
- Escapist
- Feels lost
- Likes things quiet and peaceful. Simple, normal, uneventful things are the best
- Observes small natural happenings too much
- Ignores troublesome things
- Chased by traditional horror legends. Intrigued by the excitement at first, but regrets it as they catch up with her
- Has a racing car, Lexus Team Sard's Denso Kobelco SC430
- Has been a male ogre, a cat girl
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