Welcome to Lapin Angelique, sir.

Princess K will assist you. Princess K works here to study the royal etiquette of the bunny realm.

Allow me to take that for you, sir.

I see you've perked up your ears at that. You have marvelous taste, sir.

Fine feathers make fine birds, sir. You look stunning.

Until we meet again.

Thank you for your purchase, sir. Until we meet again.

Welcome to Lapin Angelique, sir. Princess K has been awaiting you.

Princess K details her everyday happenings on her blog. If you're curious, sir, hop on over.

Allow me to take that. Don't be sheepish. Perhaps we can find you something to match it, sir.

You have the eyes of a hawk, sir. Princess K just noted that piece on her blog.

My, that article is positively radiant. You look like a little knight of the bunny realm.

Until we meet again. Have a pleasant day.

Thank you for your purchase, sir. Have a pleasant day.

Welcome back to Lapin Angelique. Princess K is happy as a lark to see you again, sir.

Have you been to see Princess K's blog, "Princess Lessons"?

Pairing that with this accessory would be so elegant. Would you care to see what Princess K has in mind?

Princess K showered that with praise on her blog, sir. Princess K purchased three herself.

That article is truly resplendent. You, sir, are fit to be high prince of the bunny realm.

Hop in whenever you're nearby, sir. Princess K would be proud as a peacock to assist you.

Thank you for your purchase. Hop in whenever you're nearby, sir. I'll have tea ready and waiting.
AI behavior:

(Knocked down?)"Yikes!"
(Ou!)"You should look after yourself properly"
(Hahaha!)"I just want to help Lady Anastasia."
Attack: "Ou!"
Hit: "You won't hurt me with that attack."
Kill: (Hahaha!)"I did it!"
Status effect: (curse)"Huh? What's happening?"
Casting: (Hahaha!)"The gods help those who pray!"
Healed: (Hahaha!)"Thank you!"
Command: (Fine!)"I'll give it a shot!"
Wait: "I'm getting tired..."
Impossible: (No!)"I can't."
Status impossible: "I can't, not now."
Weak: "This one is tough."
Surrounded: "Why are they picking on me!?"
Jack knocked down: (How dare you?)"Will you stand up?"
Victory: (Hahaha!)"Thanks to Lady Anastasia."
Slow victory: (Ou!)"Will you look at my clothes!"
Status victory: ""
Someone dies: "Oh well, these things happen."
Dying: "Ehm, I'm in trouble here..."
Dead: "I'm sorry, Lady Anastasia."
Taunt: *Stomps left foot, left arm pointing at enemy, right arm tantruming.*

Recruited: "Even if I'm tired, Adina will come and help in my place."
Home: (Fine.)"What do you want? It's the middle of the night."
Home2: "If you don't need anything, then stop bothering me! Go on! Buzz off!"
Kick: "This annoying child... What does he want?"
Kick2: (How dare you!)"No crime should go unpunished! Come here and beg forgiveness!"
Kick3: (How dare you!)"It seems you didn't learn your lesson. Come on then, one more time!"
Win: "You should be a LOT more careful about who you pick fights with..."
Lose: "I'm going to tell Lady Anastasia!"
Lose2: "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm Elena!"

(Waldo General Store)
"I am buying some very important items. They help to keep Lady Anastasia looking beautiful and healthy."
"What is that face supposed to mean?"
(Visiting Nalshay in the morning)
"Nalshay, it's all right. I'm not going anywhere."
"Nalshay just never gets any better. Maybe we should put our faith in Doctor Morfinn?"
(Walking outside)
"Working hard, are we? It must be very tiring. Do take care..."
"I know that you'll willingly sacrifice yourself... ...to preserve the peace of Radiata and keep us safe."
(Escorting Anastasia home)
"I take pride in who I am, and serve Lady Anastasia as best I can."
"As for me, I would be delighted if we never had to deal with... ...childish, dishonorable, disloyal, selfish braggarts such as yourself."
AI behavior: Hit and run

"I'm still a bandit, no matter what."
Attack: "Hmm!"
Attack2: "Ha!"
Hit: "Okay, now it's my turn."
Kill: "..."
Status effect: "This ain't good."
Healed: "Thanks, appreciate it."
Command: "Okay, got it."
Steal: "! How much does that go for?"
Wait: "Hey, there's no hurry, I guess."
Impossible: "I can't do that."
Weak: "Guess we'll just have to whittle its armor down...:
Surrounded: "Looks like I'm surrounded. Maybe I should call for help..."
Jack knocked down: "Come on, act more like the leader."
Victory: "No prob."
Slow victory: "Think I picked up a scratch or two."
Status victory: ""
Someone dies: "You gotta look after yourself better."
Dying: "This ain't good."
Dead: "I can hear the animals calling..."
Taunt: *lifts left leg and shakes dagger at foe*

Recruited: "All I want is to make this world a better and safer place for animals. But I guess you're not into helping me with that..."
Home: "ZzzZzz..."
Kick: "You wanna keep that leg?"
Kick2: "Loudmouthed kids who don't know their place need to be taught a lesson."
Kick3: "Kid, try using your mouth to communicate instead of your foot."
Win: "It's goin' to take more than wishful thinking to beat me."
Lose: "Hmph. I'm usually better at evaluating an opponent's skills..."
Lose2: "What the HECK do you want!!? Listen you moron. I don't want NOTHING to do with you! Capeesh?"

(At night)
"There're lots of cats round here. They're part of the neighborhood. Hehehe... Hehehehehe..."
"At night in the town, you can hear footfalls from miles away. Hehe... Hehehe..."
(Beast Pit alleyway)
"Today's target is over there. Hehehe... Hehehehehe..."
"You think you have the guts to follow me all the way? Not that you can keep up, of course."



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