AI behavior: Hit and run

"I'm still a bandit, no matter what."
Attack: "Hmm!"
Attack2: "Ha!"
Hit: "Okay, now it's my turn."
Kill: "..."
Status effect: "This ain't good."
Healed: "Thanks, appreciate it."
Command: "Okay, got it."
Steal: "! How much does that go for?"
Wait: "Hey, there's no hurry, I guess."
Impossible: "I can't do that."
Weak: "Guess we'll just have to whittle its armor down...:
Surrounded: "Looks like I'm surrounded. Maybe I should call for help..."
Jack knocked down: "Come on, act more like the leader."
Victory: "No prob."
Slow victory: "Think I picked up a scratch or two."
Status victory: ""
Someone dies: "You gotta look after yourself better."
Dying: "This ain't good."
Dead: "I can hear the animals calling..."
Taunt: *lifts left leg and shakes dagger at foe*

Recruited: "All I want is to make this world a better and safer place for animals. But I guess you're not into helping me with that..."
Home: "ZzzZzz..."
Kick: "You wanna keep that leg?"
Kick2: "Loudmouthed kids who don't know their place need to be taught a lesson."
Kick3: "Kid, try using your mouth to communicate instead of your foot."
Win: "It's goin' to take more than wishful thinking to beat me."
Lose: "Hmph. I'm usually better at evaluating an opponent's skills..."
Lose2: "What the HECK do you want!!? Listen you moron. I don't want NOTHING to do with you! Capeesh?"

(At night)
"There're lots of cats round here. They're part of the neighborhood. Hehehe... Hehehehehe..."
"At night in the town, you can hear footfalls from miles away. Hehe... Hehehe..."
(Beast Pit alleyway)
"Today's target is over there. Hehehe... Hehehehehe..."
"You think you have the guts to follow me all the way? Not that you can keep up, of course."



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