Welcome to Lapin Angelique, sir.

Princess K will assist you. Princess K works here to study the royal etiquette of the bunny realm.

Allow me to take that for you, sir.

I see you've perked up your ears at that. You have marvelous taste, sir.

Fine feathers make fine birds, sir. You look stunning.

Until we meet again.

Thank you for your purchase, sir. Until we meet again.

Welcome to Lapin Angelique, sir. Princess K has been awaiting you.

Princess K details her everyday happenings on her blog. If you're curious, sir, hop on over.

Allow me to take that. Don't be sheepish. Perhaps we can find you something to match it, sir.

You have the eyes of a hawk, sir. Princess K just noted that piece on her blog.

My, that article is positively radiant. You look like a little knight of the bunny realm.

Until we meet again. Have a pleasant day.

Thank you for your purchase, sir. Have a pleasant day.

Welcome back to Lapin Angelique. Princess K is happy as a lark to see you again, sir.

Have you been to see Princess K's blog, "Princess Lessons"?

Pairing that with this accessory would be so elegant. Would you care to see what Princess K has in mind?

Princess K showered that with praise on her blog, sir. Princess K purchased three herself.

That article is truly resplendent. You, sir, are fit to be high prince of the bunny realm.

Hop in whenever you're nearby, sir. Princess K would be proud as a peacock to assist you.

Thank you for your purchase. Hop in whenever you're nearby, sir. I'll have tea ready and waiting.



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