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Hello, Raziel here. These are all my RP accounts so far. ...Probably.


SHIKI Tohno|[personal profile] bloodbonds|Tsukihime|previously Mayfield
Keima Katsuragi|[personal profile] capturing_god|The World God Only Knows|memes
Keima Katsuragi(female)|[personal profile] trapping_god|The World God Only Knows|memes
Keima Katsuragi(child)|[personal profile] conquering_god|The World God Only Knows|memes
Sister|[personal profile] kevlarhabit|Arakawa Under The Bridge|memes
Megumi Kannazuki|[personal profile] skewerninja|Muteki Kanban Musume|memes
Noriyuki Izuna|[personal profile] foxeyes|Ga-rei(manga)|memes
Rascal-sensei|[personal profile] eatmywhip|Akazukin Cha Cha|memes
Princess K|[personal profile] princesslessons|The World Ends With You|unused
Veola|[personal profile] atelierveola|Atelier Iris|unused


SHIKI Tohno|[identity profile]|Tsukihime|previously Mayfield
Yoshimori Sumimura|[identity profile]|Kekkaishi|previously Somarium
Keima Katsuragi|[identity profile]|The World God Only Knows|previously Gargleblasted
Keima Katsuragi(female)|[identity profile]|The World God Only Knows|memes
Keima Katsuragi(child)|[identity profile]|The World God Only Knows|memes
Haqua Du Lot Herminium||The World God Only Knows|memes
Veola|[identity profile]|Atelier Iris|previously Somarium
Princess K|[identity profile]|The World Ends With You|memes
Nozomu Itoshiki|[identity profile]|Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei|previously Somarium
Sister|[identity profile]|Arakawa Under The Bridge|previously Mayfield
Maria||Arakawa Under The Bridge|memes
Cherry Blossomfeather|[identity profile]|RPG World|applied to Somarium, but was never active
Noriyuki Izuna|[identity profile]|Ga-Rei(manga)|memes
Tomoka Kayahara||Muteki Kanban Musume|memes
Shun Ukiya||Gatekeepers|memes
Nefertina||Mummies Alive!|never used
Taxi Driver||Canaan|never used
Vincent Valentine|[identity profile]|Final Fantasy VII|previously i_s_l_a_n_d_rp(about to be purged)
Riiya|[identity profile]|Akazukin Cha Cha|previously i_s_l_a_n_d_rp(about to be purged)

I'm sure there more, but I can't recall them for now. This sure shows me no to put off making muselists again. Will update if I remember or make new ones.

...[identity profile] was my second ever RP account. I can't believe it's still alive.
Welcome to Lapin Angelique, sir.

Princess K will assist you. Princess K works here to study the royal etiquette of the bunny realm.

Allow me to take that for you, sir.

I see you've perked up your ears at that. You have marvelous taste, sir.

Fine feathers make fine birds, sir. You look stunning.

Until we meet again.

Thank you for your purchase, sir. Until we meet again.

Welcome to Lapin Angelique, sir. Princess K has been awaiting you.

Princess K details her everyday happenings on her blog. If you're curious, sir, hop on over.

Allow me to take that. Don't be sheepish. Perhaps we can find you something to match it, sir.

You have the eyes of a hawk, sir. Princess K just noted that piece on her blog.

My, that article is positively radiant. You look like a little knight of the bunny realm.

Until we meet again. Have a pleasant day.

Thank you for your purchase, sir. Have a pleasant day.

Welcome back to Lapin Angelique. Princess K is happy as a lark to see you again, sir.

Have you been to see Princess K's blog, "Princess Lessons"?

Pairing that with this accessory would be so elegant. Would you care to see what Princess K has in mind?

Princess K showered that with praise on her blog, sir. Princess K purchased three herself.

That article is truly resplendent. You, sir, are fit to be high prince of the bunny realm.

Hop in whenever you're nearby, sir. Princess K would be proud as a peacock to assist you.

Thank you for your purchase. Hop in whenever you're nearby, sir. I'll have tea ready and waiting.
Referenced songs: Blessed Child, A Tale of Six Trillion Years and A Night, A Realistic Logical Ideologist, Delusion x Delusion Escapist Everyday, Revenge Syndrome, Transparent Answer, Weakling Hero, Headphone Actor, Imagination Forest, Bookmark of Demise Project, Diary of Evening Cicadas, Carla, Ref-Rain, En Priere, World Calling, Innovation, Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade, Restart

- "Open space on the planet" in Latin, "aria(type of song) of the planet" in Italian
- Others see her title as the Italian meaning, but it really was an inside joke of her being air-headed using the Latin meaning
- Her responses are often misinterpreted as otherworldly and mysterious, but she's just trying to not offend anyone
- Obliviously does things well and gives hope to others
- Understates her accomplishments
- Doesn't think much of time
- Will wait FOREVER without trying to remind the other person in case they forgot
- Takes forever to do something important or realize something too
- Indecisive of what to be, so ends up unresponsive
- Likes dreaming of what she failed to be or do
- Likes lazing around a lot
- Finishes things at the last second or ends up too late
- Oblivious to things beyond what she personally encounters
- Easygoing and isolated most of the time
- Finds herself different and detached from everything else that's normal
- Overly conscious of what others thinks of her, but keeps to herself
- Wishes she could get the courage to act more, regrets the repercussions of not doing anything
- When she does act out of rage, she eventually notices contradictions in her reasoning and regrets her actions
- Keeps questioning herself and established concepts
- Tends to hesitate even when she has the answer to a problem, questioning whether it really is right
- Tends to think of effects in a much wider, more general scale
- Doesn't think she can do anything significant enough to affect the future
- Believes her abilities and knowledge are insufficient
- Believes anything she does is worthless, that she is easily replaceable
- Being able to do something makes doing it unremarkable
- Everything that is great eventually becomes common
- Understands that her pessimistic way of thinking is foolish
- Believes she is dull, thinking that she has to overcompensate to be interesting
- Doesn't find herself strange; Thinks she is simple and easy to understand
- Gives up on being satisfied and just moves on with whatever she ends up doing
- Goes along with what people say
- Questions others' reasoning rather than forcing her own reasoning into them
- Hopes for a better future
- While she still aims for and relies on them, her faith on concepts like love and hope are frivolous
- Introvert
- Escapist
- Feels lost
- Likes things quiet and peaceful. Simple, normal, uneventful things are the best
- Observes small natural happenings too much
- Ignores troublesome things
- Chased by traditional horror legends. Intrigued by the excitement at first, but regrets it as they catch up with her
- Has a racing car, Lexus Team Sard's Denso Kobelco SC430
- Has been a male ogre, a cat girl
Referenced songs: Vestige, Jitter Doll, Terrorist, -ERROR, +REVERSE, Tremor, Prototype, Limiter, BC, HYBRID, WAVE, Taiyou, Lilily Nation, Lilyzm Gold, Chloe, Marie-Louise, Prison of Sky, Lily Lily Burning Night, Impulse X Pandemonics

- Despairs over the painful things of the world, but fights the feelings away with ideas of hope. Keeps a strong front and tries to fight for others to prevent them from feeling what she feels.
- To protect herself, she keeps a strong and rebellious persona and refuses to compromise in front of others. If she does, she feels she will break down.
- Sings to let out the emotions she normally bottles up, giving them cool heavy rock tunes to avoid looking sappy and weak.
- Likes it when people are attached to her strong mask. Too ashamed when people comment on her softer, darker emotional side.
- Pushes pain away by focusing on those dependent or attached to her
- Relies on others' support for true confidence
- Likes showing off
- Drags people away from boring things
- Works best with rock songs
- Focuses on the present. Likes to keep things in the modern period. Little interest in traditional songs and customs
- Feels awkward and insecure when trying to sing high pitched pop songs. Her voice strains at higher notes
- Finds herself broken as a vocaloid, so she really tries to overcompensate on some songs
- Has more confidence after V3
- Sings her feelings out alone or in underground rock concerts because of her insecurity after the bad reception of her voice on V2
- Lashes out and ragequits when uncomfortable
- Stubbornly goes all out on what she does until she burns out and breaks down
- Even if she reaches her limit and knows she will lose, she still goes on. Even in love, which can sometimes end bloody
- Instead of rushing and panicking in defeat, she tries to convey her feelings the best she can with the limited time; first coming into terms that it really is happening, then finally accepting it
- Fears being left behind; thinks she constantly has to keep up with the others
- Likes clubbing
- Has a bee mascot: Harii/Honey Lily
- Motorcycle is her vehicle of choice
- Has been a plane pilot,
AI behavior:

(Knocked down?)"Yikes!"
(Ou!)"You should look after yourself properly"
(Hahaha!)"I just want to help Lady Anastasia."
Attack: "Ou!"
Hit: "You won't hurt me with that attack."
Kill: (Hahaha!)"I did it!"
Status effect: (curse)"Huh? What's happening?"
Casting: (Hahaha!)"The gods help those who pray!"
Healed: (Hahaha!)"Thank you!"
Command: (Fine!)"I'll give it a shot!"
Wait: "I'm getting tired..."
Impossible: (No!)"I can't."
Status impossible: "I can't, not now."
Weak: "This one is tough."
Surrounded: "Why are they picking on me!?"
Jack knocked down: (How dare you?)"Will you stand up?"
Victory: (Hahaha!)"Thanks to Lady Anastasia."
Slow victory: (Ou!)"Will you look at my clothes!"
Status victory: ""
Someone dies: "Oh well, these things happen."
Dying: "Ehm, I'm in trouble here..."
Dead: "I'm sorry, Lady Anastasia."
Taunt: *Stomps left foot, left arm pointing at enemy, right arm tantruming.*

Recruited: "Even if I'm tired, Adina will come and help in my place."
Home: (Fine.)"What do you want? It's the middle of the night."
Home2: "If you don't need anything, then stop bothering me! Go on! Buzz off!"
Kick: "This annoying child... What does he want?"
Kick2: (How dare you!)"No crime should go unpunished! Come here and beg forgiveness!"
Kick3: (How dare you!)"It seems you didn't learn your lesson. Come on then, one more time!"
Win: "You should be a LOT more careful about who you pick fights with..."
Lose: "I'm going to tell Lady Anastasia!"
Lose2: "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm Elena!"

(Waldo General Store)
"I am buying some very important items. They help to keep Lady Anastasia looking beautiful and healthy."
"What is that face supposed to mean?"
(Visiting Nalshay in the morning)
"Nalshay, it's all right. I'm not going anywhere."
"Nalshay just never gets any better. Maybe we should put our faith in Doctor Morfinn?"
(Walking outside)
"Working hard, are we? It must be very tiring. Do take care..."
"I know that you'll willingly sacrifice yourself... preserve the peace of Radiata and keep us safe."
(Escorting Anastasia home)
"I take pride in who I am, and serve Lady Anastasia as best I can."
"As for me, I would be delighted if we never had to deal with... ...childish, dishonorable, disloyal, selfish braggarts such as yourself."
AI behavior: Hit and run

"I'm still a bandit, no matter what."
Attack: "Hmm!"
Attack2: "Ha!"
Hit: "Okay, now it's my turn."
Kill: "..."
Status effect: "This ain't good."
Healed: "Thanks, appreciate it."
Command: "Okay, got it."
Steal: "! How much does that go for?"
Wait: "Hey, there's no hurry, I guess."
Impossible: "I can't do that."
Weak: "Guess we'll just have to whittle its armor down...:
Surrounded: "Looks like I'm surrounded. Maybe I should call for help..."
Jack knocked down: "Come on, act more like the leader."
Victory: "No prob."
Slow victory: "Think I picked up a scratch or two."
Status victory: ""
Someone dies: "You gotta look after yourself better."
Dying: "This ain't good."
Dead: "I can hear the animals calling..."
Taunt: *lifts left leg and shakes dagger at foe*

Recruited: "All I want is to make this world a better and safer place for animals. But I guess you're not into helping me with that..."
Home: "ZzzZzz..."
Kick: "You wanna keep that leg?"
Kick2: "Loudmouthed kids who don't know their place need to be taught a lesson."
Kick3: "Kid, try using your mouth to communicate instead of your foot."
Win: "It's goin' to take more than wishful thinking to beat me."
Lose: "Hmph. I'm usually better at evaluating an opponent's skills..."
Lose2: "What the HECK do you want!!? Listen you moron. I don't want NOTHING to do with you! Capeesh?"

(At night)
"There're lots of cats round here. They're part of the neighborhood. Hehehe... Hehehehehe..."
"At night in the town, you can hear footfalls from miles away. Hehe... Hehehe..."
(Beast Pit alleyway)
"Today's target is over there. Hehehe... Hehehehehe..."
"You think you have the guts to follow me all the way? Not that you can keep up, of course."



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